I share stories from the overlap of science and culture. This includes writing about science and art collaborations, but also pieces that highlight the culture of science itself.

Writing samples

A selection of articles covering topics in genetics, health, citizen science, education, and the overlap of science and the arts.

Short Articles

I occasionally write short articles for various publications, about the many ways science overlaps with daily life and culture.

Feature articles

My favourite kind of writing is when I’m given a lot of time really dig into topics. These features and longer articles are a good example of that.

Profiles and interviews

I’ve interviewed many scientists about their work and lives, either as part of longer profiles and articles, or as Q&A-style interviews.

Public speaking

I give fun and informative short talks about the science/arts overlap, and the culture of science.


easternblot.net is a science blog that I’ve managed and written for since 2005. It highlights the overlap of science and daily life, and science as part of culture.

Blog posts

Over the last 13 years I’ve written an estimate of >1500 blog posts for various science blogs. These are just a few of them.


My writing has been included in two science blogging anthologies.

ReGenesis fact sheets

In 2008 I wrote the fact sheets for the fourth season of the Canadian TV show ReGenesis.