I provide custom workshops about scientific publishing and science communication. They’re aimed at researchers of all levels (PhD students and above) and are particularly suitable for the life sciences, but can be tailored to other fields as well. If you’re interested in one of these workshops, please contact me to discuss details, custom features, and rates.


Workshop: Publishing negative data

This workshop introduces researchers to the many ways they can share negative and null results, and shows examples of successfully published negative data. It addresses concerns about time pressure, research evaluation and competition, and provides practical advice.

I’ve held tailored versions of this workshop for Dutch research funder ZonMW (on behalf of F1000Research) and at the Institute of Cancer Research in London.


Workshop: Introduction to science communication

This workshop is aimed at researchers who are new to science communication. It introduces different ways they can get involved with science communication online or in their local area. However, this workshop is not a rally call for all researchers to spend additional time on public engagement. Rather, it’s meant to raise awareness of the field of science communication, and gives researchers the tools and knowledge to either get involved with science communication themselves if they want to, or connect with science communication professionals.


Training: Social media management for scientists and science publishers

I have experience managing blogs and social media for various organisations, and can help you start a new project, and make the most of your valuable time online. This training is best provided one-on-one or in a small group, and will be tailored to the people in charge of managing your social media channels.