I occasionally write short articles for various publications, about the many ways science overlaps with daily life and culture.

Some examples:

  • I regularly write about science and art on Forbes.com
  • For Hakai magazine I wrote about an Icelandic middle school class that’s tracking the retreat of a local glacier.
  • An article for BOLD blog in the summer of 2016 explores the ways people were using the popularity of Pokemon Go to support wildlife education.
  • A piece for World Changing Canada described my experience spending a night in an Earthship – an off-grid sustainable house built entirely out of garbage.
  • My contributions to LabLit have included a review of a school textbook about science and literature, and a discussion of the film Gravity.
  • I’ve written several pieces for Spacing magazine. Spacing focuses on public space in Canadian cities. A few of my articles tied in to local Toronto science, such as an article about a citizen project involving bees, or a piece about the Air Quality Health Index.