Science communication by Eva Amsen

Science Communication

I do two different types of science communication. One is aimed at scientists who want to learn more about science communication; the other is aimed at anyone who is curious about the world around them and loves learning things that are not just about science but also about art, creativity, music, or travel.

For scientists

I run the website Share Your Sci, through which I sell two self-published workbooks and run a newsletter with scicomm tips for researchers. Besides this, I’ve also worked with freelance clients to bring science communication skills to researchers. For example, I wrote the course “Narrative Tools for Researchers” for Nature Masterclasses in 2020 and am currently (2021) working on another course with them.

For any curious and creative people

I have a newsletter called Mixture.  This is broadly about curiosity, science and creativity. If you like that, you might also enjoy my rarely updated YouTube channel with some playful science-themed videos. One of my specific interests is the overlapping lives of scientists and musicians, and I sometimes give talks on this topic.

My own journey in science communication started while I was a Biochemistry PhD student at the University of Toronto. During this time I launched my first science blog (, in 2005). This eventually led to freelance writing opportunities and meeting the wider science blogging community at conference. I also volunteered for Let’s Talk Science and Kids Science to visit schools and community centres and share science activities with kids. After my PhD, I moved to the UK where I worked in science communication and community management roles for scientific publishers and in academia before going freelance in late 2018 and mainly focusing on writing.

Interviews and podcast guest spots