Hey There's Science In This

Hey There’s Science In This

Coming Spring 2024 from easternblot books

Rubber ducks at sea, a Japanese TV show and food-based art techniques. These might not sound like they have much to do with science, but Hey, There’s Science In This finds an amusing and interesting science story in all of them.

A few dozen short and approachable essays humorously describe surprising friendships between scientists and artists, science history at tourist attractions, and much more. There’s even a poem made entirely out of otherwise tedious-sounding literary titles of scientific articles. Don’t worry, it will all make sense when you read it.

All chapters were originally published on blogs and online publications between 2007 and 2023, but have been rewritten and adapted with the most up-to-date information to create this collection of light science reading that will make your fellow train passengers look up in confusion when you mutter “hey, there’s science in this!”


Pre-order details coming soon. Contact me for review copies.

Biology: 100 Ideas in 100 Words

Coming May 2024 from DK Books

Biology: 100 Ideas in 100 Words offers the essential facts at your fingertips, satisfying your scientific curiosity and helping you to understand the biggest concepts in biology in concise, 100-word summaries.

One of the titles in a cutting-edge new series created in partnership with The Science Museum, this book introduces 100 key areas of biology such as life processes, evolution, DNA and inheritance, diversity of plants, immunity, and disease, and explains each topic in just 100 words. Perfect for getting your head around big ideas clearly and quickly or refreshing your memory of the fundamentals of life on earth, this book covers the most up-to-date terms and theories and inspires a heightened level of understanding and enjoyment to the core areas of biology explored in The Science Museum.

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